Ospiro Enterprises, typically referred to as Ospiro, previously named DAC, Inc. is an American company generalizing in numerous areas. It has had varying levels of success, though it maintains that it adheres to the "Ospiro Way."

DAC, Inc. Edit

The company was founded in 2013 after its founder received inspiration from the popular game The Game of Life and Death, a choose-your-own-adventure type product. Wanting to make his own such entertainment, Classon began DAC, Inc., a game in which the player is stuck in a world controlled by DAC, a malicious company that cares only about profit. Though the game remains unfinished to this day, Classon took the name and applied it to his own company. The name "DAC" was chosen because of its relation to pi: the first three digits of pi are 3.14. This backwards is 413, and, if each digit is replaced with the corresponding letter of the alphabet, the result is DAC. From these three letters did the business get its jingle, which consisted primarily of a broken suspended D7 chord and the resolution of tension with a D major chord.

Branding Edit

Prior to the switch to the name "Ospiro," DAC, Inc. had very little branding, as the company did not do very much during this "dormant" period. Many logos were tested momentarily, including a the union of 7 smaller triangles into a larger equilateral one and a simplistic wordmark, but none of them especially succeeded. After the switch to a new name, motivated by the ununiqueness of "DAC," the company reaped many benefits. Classon had been vacationing when he snapped a photograph of an osprey magestically flying in front of the sun, its right wing gradually giving way to the rays of photons from the miasma of incandescent plasma. The company was named "Ospiro" in homage to the beautiful osprey and a new logo, simplifying the iconic photograph, was instituted. The "spir" in the name spurred the president to craft a motto, "Inspiring the Aspiring," one of the key tenants of the "Ospiro Way."